TouchTecGLT Technovations announced its patent-pending TouchTec technology for leather and textiles, that mimics the human touch to enable use with touch screen devices, has been selected by top glove manufacturers. This fall, these manufacturers plan to release a wide range of styles of leather and fabric gloves to the consumer markets in the United States and Canada, that feature TouchTec technology.

Manufacturers making consumer gloves that will be available in various department stores, retailers, catalogs, and online include:
• Burton, Celtek, Grandoe Corp., Outdoor Research – winter sports gloves
• Fownes Brothers and Company, Gaspar Gloves, Grandoe Corp. – winter fashion gloves 
• Gaspar Gloves – high fashion gloves, driving gloves

"It can be a significant inconvenience having to take your gloves off every time you want to use a touch screen; in cold climates the inconvenience is even higher as your finger tips quickly freeze, said Jerry Leto, inventor of TouchTec. “Many of us do a lot more texting, emailing and use a variety of applications on our mobile phone and tablet devices these days. When you have to expose you fingers to bitter cold, or have to take your gloves off to make a phone call or use a mobile application, the inconvenience is not only challenging, but distracting and can even be dangerous.”

TouchTec enabled leather, designed specifically for military and first responder gloves, is currently being field tested by the US Military in conjunction with a leading mobile phone and tablet technology provider. Many of the in-vehicle displays, tablet PCs and handheld devices being evaluated by these organizations use capacitive touch screens. These new TouchTec enabled combat gloves not only provide significant hand protection, but enable the user to keep their gloves on and still operate the devices. The first manufacturers bringing TouchTec enabled military and first responder gloves to market are Ansell Hawkeye and Outdoor Research.

TouchTec enabled gloves were first introduced in September, 2009, at Fashion Week in New York City, in conjunction with renowned glove designer, Dorothy Gaspar. Gaspar offers a collection of high fashion, fashion, and driving gloves that feature TouchTec leather and fleece. Gloves are available now on her website, Gaspar Gloves, in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. TouchTec enabled driving gloves designed by Gaspar, are also available from Audi via their website. Drivers of Audi’s new 2011 A8 with MMI Touch, can drive with these gloves on and still operate the MMI interface as if they were using their bare fingers…as well as keep their gloves on for use with other touch screen devices in or out of the car.

“I am pleased that so many of the top glove manufacturers are now using TouchTec and the demand for our technology is experiencing exponential growth. TouchTec continues to receive a very warm welcome from consumers because the gloves look and feel no different than a normal glove, yet are as responsive as their bare fingers on the touch screens. We have won quite a few awards over the past two years for this innovation,” stated Leto.

GLT Technovations will be participating in Pepcom, taking place in New York City on June 22nd. On display will be samples of the new TouchTec enabled glove designs by leading manufacturers for the fashion, first responder, military and winter sports markets. In addition, samples of TouchTec enabled stylus pens, and mouth sticks for handicapped, will be shown as well.

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