UK-based millimetre waveband and wireless Point-to-Point specialists, Sub10 Systems, confirmed a wave of appointments as it seeks to expand business across the EMEA region.

The company announced sales and marketing agreements with distribution partners outside the UK, Seamcom in Germany and Minerva in the Middle East, and the appointment of a regional sales director, Allan Pearse.

At the same time, Sub10 affirmed its commitment to an expanding product line by appointing Dr Steve Duncan as Chief Architect to oversee its growing research and development programme.

Announcing the expansion, CEO Stuart Broome said: “We are now moving rapidly to take advantage of fast developing market conditions. Mobile and fixed network operators, public and private sector businesses both large and small are demanding ever more from data networks and connections.

“Our MMW solutions can provide almost instantly available, super fast connections to augment, back up and support existing network links.”

Allan Pearse brings an extensive background in international telecoms sales to Sub 10 Systems. After serving on Royal Naval Submarines, Allan joined Nortel as a senior sales consultant and worked across Europe and the Middle East with leading telcos and large public sector organisations.

Steve Duncan has enjoyed a varied and challenging career path via senior engineering positions with companies such as Nortel and Nokia. Duncan will now head up Sub10’s microwave radio design and product engineering division and assume responsibility for developing and enhancing the company’s portfolio of solutions.

The current Sub10 product offering, the Liberator-V320, can transport rich seams of high quality data from point to point over distances of up to one kilometre. The compact units are simple and quick to install and virtually free of ongoing running costs. They serve as a replacement or supplement to private leased circuits and can be up and running in a fraction of the time needed for physical circuits.

In conjunction with his radio design team, Duncan will expand the Sub10 range with a family of new products, produced under the Dominator brand, providing higher capacities, additional features and longer links while maintaining the existing qualities of ease of installation and operation.

Sub 10 gears up for EMEA expansion – 2

Confirming the distribution and sales agreements, Sub10’s Sales and Marketing Director Grant Grafton said: “Both Seamcom in Germany and Minerva in the Middle East are highly experienced telecoms distributors with well developed networks of customers and resellers. Working together with Allan and our team both Minerva and Seamcom see great potential for the Liberator product and the capabilities of MMW solutions.”

Stuart Broome added: “MMW technology has been around a while but our low-cost next generation Liberator solution is much easier to install and maintain than traditional solutions. With Liberator companies can add high definition imaging to CCTV systems, can provide network redundancy and crisis cover for existing installations, or can simply add capacity to a network without needing to lay additional wires in crowded cable ducts.

“The spectrum is available across Europe and is often free of regulatory constraints. It is a technology whose time has come,” said Broome.