ISCO logoISCO International has issued a new guide that outlines a variety of interference sources that contribute to suboptimal performance in 3G networks. ISCO has found a number of infrastructure or network configuration issues that negatively impact a previously neglected link in the wireless service experience – the uplink from the subscriber to the base station tower. Interference sources range from the relatively well-known, repeaters and amplifiers, to unexpected events such as intermodulation due to transmitter cross-coupling or non-linear effects in the physical environment.

Using digital signal processing ISCO adds intelligence to the uplink, also known as the RX feed to the radio, to solve complex interference problems. ISCO’s Proteus system functions as an intelligent front end to the radio receiver by adapting the uplink channel to optimize the Carrier to Interference ratio (C/I). It improves performance of the network even in the presence of complex time-varying co-channel interference and high-power adjacent RF.

With spectrum now more than ever at a premium, carriers are eager to understand better the myriad interference sources that cause dropped calls, slow data rates and network congestion. ISCO understands how interference reduces capacity and the company has used its knowledge to develop PurePass – a patent-pending technology that counteracts the negative effects of interference and improves performance independent of the interference source.

In addition, the sources of interference may be difficult to identify, so ISCO has developed SpectrumView Plus®, a spectral analysis tool that captures and logs transient, difficult to isolate interference events.
ISCO’s Interference Guide, which provides a review of interference sources ameliorated by digital signal processing, is now available on the company website.

About ISCO International
ISCO International has become the leader in spectrum conditioning by proving that it improves the subscriber experience and by demonstrating the financial value that can be realized for 3G and soon 4G wireless operators. Spectrum conditioning enables service providers to squeeze all available capacity from their network assets by maximizing spectrum utilization. ISCO’s PurePassTM digital signal processing technology continuously identifies and counteracts the many types of co-channel and adjacent interference that cause “physical layer impairments”. With PurePass, wireless operators protect themselves from a significant degradation of uplink performance, which would negatively impact the entire wireless experience.