Myriad Group AG announces it is in discussions with leading companies in the automotive industry to extend Android to the connected car.

Recently launched at Mobile World Congress 2011, Alien Dalvik is the latest in Myriad’s recent Android innovations. Alien Dalvik enables the majority of Android applications to run unmodified on a much wider range of platforms and devices, which allows mobile operators, OEMs, and now the automotive industry to leverage and extend Android’s rich ecosystem of applications to the connected car.

As a result, drivers and passengers will have a massive choice of high quality Android applications tailored for travelling and more, all without compromising performance. From a user perspective, Alien Dalvik is completely transparent. Alien Dalvik applications appear as native allowing consumers to experience the same level of performance in a car that they have become accustomed to with their mobile device.

“The automotive industry is coming to terms with the idea that it needs to move faster, shortening product cycles in order to keep up with innovation in consumer electronics,” said Benoit Schillings, CTO of Myriad Group. “Myriad Alien Dalvik is a win-win for the automotive industry, giving customers immediate access to new services tailored for travelling such as interactive maps and guides. Also, manufacturers can be confident their choice of operating system for in-vehicle ICE systems will provide a rich experience - straight out-of-the-box.”

From application components to complete device integration, Myriad provides best-in-class Android solutions. As a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance, Myriad has been playing a key role in Android solutions since its early days.

“The proliferation of Android has been staggering. By extending the Android platform powered by Myriad Alien Dalvik to automotive manufacturers, we are opening up market opportunities to reach entirely new audiences,” added Schillings.

About Myriad Group:

Myriad Group AG is a global leader in mobile technology and has shipped over 3.8 billion software applications in more than 2.2 billion mobile phones. Its comprehensive portfolio includes browsers, messaging, Java, social networking, user interfaces and middleware for all types of mobile phones, from ultra-low cost handsets to advanced smartphones.

The company provides both individual components and complete solutions, which enable handset manufacturers and operators to deliver amazing experiences on mobile phones. Myriad also develops USSD-based customer self-care platforms that deliver over 10 billion messages a year to 220 million mobile users across more than 35 mobile operators worldwide.

Myriad was created from the combination of industry leading companies, Esmertec and Purple Labs. It operates worldwide, with offices in Switzerland, France, UK, USA, Mexico, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. Headquartered in Dübendorf Zürich Switzerland, Myriad is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

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