Recent research performed on the wireless test equipment market has shown that LTE technology and backhaul that is being developed for 3G and 4G networks are among the most significant trends in this arena. These networks are known to be very centralized in their management. Networks are expected to become more dispersed as the industry moves to LTE, creating a number of quality related issues.

This briefing will review the key technologies and test methodology required to evolve to an all IP/Ethernet mobile backhaul capable of accommodating the explosive growth of wireless data while keeping network costs and quality in check.

Key findings from recent research on the wireless test equipment market will be presented, along with key challenges that are faced by the users. Frost & Sullivan has invited Mike Barrick, Global Business Development Manager, Wireless Portfolio, at Anritsu and Michael Haugh, Sr. Product Manager at Ixia to speak about opportunities as well as challenges that SPs and NEMs are experiencing in this highly competitive market.

Supporting Quotes
“The wireless industry is one of the most dynamic, diverse and complex sectors in the telecommunications market,” observes Olga Yashkova, Program Manager for Frost & Sullivan's Measurement and Instrumentation group. “As the LTE technology is quickly moving to deployment, it brings with it a new layer of complexity and challenges that require immediate attention.”

“The accelerating evolution of new wireless devices is driving change in test solution requirements,” states Mike Barrick, Global Business Development Manager, Wireless Portfolio, Anritsu. “New categories and capabilities of test solutions are required to accurately test these multi-mode/multi-function devices and simultaneously minimize costs.”

“Test equipment plays a critical role in accelerating the deployment of IP/Ethernet mobile backhaul and LTE services,” said Michael Haugh, Senior Product Manager for Ixia. “Testing network equipment under real-world - and 'worst-case' conditions gives service providers the confidence to migrate both data and voice services over an all-packet mobile backhaul, accommodate continued traffic and network growth, and still maintain quality of service guarantees.”

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