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For comprehensive LTE test solutions, no other test and measurement manufacturer compares to Aeroflex. Delivering LTE products since 2007, Aeroflex offers a complete range of end-to-end test systems that help operators around the globe deploy LTE networks successfully. Aeroflex's LTE test portfolio covers R&D, service and manufacturing test applications for LTE TDD (Time Division Duplex) and LTE FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) network equipment and terminals. Aeroflex worldwide engineering centers support current and next generations of LTE networks and devices.

LTE R&D is easier with one-box testing
For the design, development, and test stages, the award-winning Aeroflex 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set is the most complete one-box test system for LTE. Aeroflex's benchtop system provides all the tools required for measurement and characterization of user equipment (UE) chipsets and mobile terminals to 3GPP LTE standards.

Combined with the optional integral fading simulator, the Aeroflex 7100 offers a complete one-box test system for full LTE mobile phone characterization, including signal fading simulation, a requirement of 3GPP LTE certification. Integrated baseband fading and noise simulation is significantly more accurate and easier to calibrate. The Aeroflex 7100's one box approach allows a wide range of realistic and repeatable test scenarios (including MIMO and inter-RAT handover) to be created in the lab.

Aeroflex PXI systems reduce device manufacturing test time
Aeroflex's LTE expertise extends all the way through final production test of mobile devices and chipsets. PXI 3000 Series test systems combine modular hardware and software solutions for both LTE FDD and LTE TDD. With an enviable track record of success, Aeroflex PXI systems increase production throughput by significantly reducing test times. Choosing Aeroflex PXI test systems ensures a smooth transition from design/development to the production floor. The PXI family is supported by PXI Studio software, as well as LTE FDD and LTE TDD Measurement Suites.

True end-to-end LTE network testing
The TM500 Test Mobile family simulates single or multiple handset users on a network and is used by almost every base station manufacturer in the world. The TM500 can be regarded as the de facto standard for eNodeB base station development and testing.

Beyond network testing with a multi-user test mobile, there is a need to stress test a network under real world conditions. The award-winning EAST500 LTE Capacity Test System is the leading LTE capacity test RF solution selected both by equipment vendors and operators.

The EAST500 is an integrated system for true end-to-end LTE FDD and LTE TDD network capacity testing over RF with real data services and applications. It is flexible and scalable depending upon the number of UEs and cells required. The EAST500 simulates from hundreds to thousands of LTE UEs over one to multiple cells. Using EAST500 for regression testing and network optimization ensures network performance under loaded conditions.

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