ANDOVER, Mass., /PRNewswire/ -- Enterasys Networks, a Siemens Enterprise Communications Company, announced the Enterasys K-Series, the company's newest modular switching family, designed to deliver exceptional levels of automation, visibility and control at the network edge, as well as the Enterasys A-Series A4 next-generation stackable switch platform, with new high availability and built-in automation features. The two new offerings represent both ends of the Enterasys "access edge" tier portfolio spectrum.

    "The products we announced today continue the expansion of the Enterasys access edge portfolio and provide premier switching technology for entry-level connectivity up through the high end of the network edge, while giving all customers robust automation, enhanced visibility and control," said Chris Crowell, president and CEO of Enterasys Networks.

"The new K-Series combines the flexibility and expandability of a modular switch with premium features optimized for edge deployments that are not available in competitive products. With the A4, Enterasys extends its industry-leading policy capabilities across its complete family of switches. Considering the wide range of customer requirements for access edge connectivity, these new offerings combined with the existing Enterasys portfolio give customers the ability to choose switching solutions that align with their business needs."

The Enterasys K-Series delivers exceptional levels of automation, visibility and control at the network edge, providing customers with significantly reduced operational costs while still offering premium features.  Those features help IT address the challenges associated with the consumerization of IT, including "bring your own device" programs that require more robust location, identification and overall management capabilities.

The K-Series is uniquely suited to intelligently manage individual user, device and application conversations, while providing the visibility and management to troubleshoot connectivity issues, locate devices, and ensure protection of corporate data.

The Enterasys A4, the newest addition to the Enterasys A-Series family, is designed for entry-level connectivity while delivering enterprise-class performance, reliability, and embedded video/voice/data prioritization. The Enterasys A4 is a next-generation 10/100 stackable switch with high-availability, robust management controls and built-in automation features to meet the needs of demanding business applications.

  Along with its automation capabilities, the Enterasys A4 provides customers with an open, standards-based solution that works well in multi-vendor environments and reduces the cost and deployment time associated with VoIP, video and user provisioning.

Enterasys Network Management Suite (NMS) and CoreFlow2 The Enterasys K-Series uses the unique Enterasys CoreFlow2 custom ASIC technology which provides greater visibility into critical business applications and the ability to enable better controls to meet the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) demanded by the business.  Furthermore, the Enterasys Network Management Suite (NMS) enables centralized and granular control of enterprise network resources for all customers.  NMS reaches beyond ports and VLANs down to individual users, applications, and protocols.