AUSTIN, Texas & SHENZHEN, China -- (BUSINESS WIRE) --Silicon Laboratories Inc. and Hope Microelectronics introduced a comprehensive family of RF modules based on Silicon Labs’ EZRadioPRO® wireless radio family. Hope Microelectronics’ new RFM23B and RFM31B modules provide cost-effective, turnkey wireless networking solutions for bidirectional and one-way link applications such as smart meters, in-vehicle anti-theft alarm systems, home automation systems, HVAC control units, residential security systems, high-speed data acquisition systems and wireless toys.

The RFM23B module, based on Silicon Labs’ Si4431 transceiver, provides a bidirectional connectivity solution. It offers industry-leading RF performance with output powers of up to 13 dBm, receive sensitivity of -121 dBm and ultra-low current consumption for battery-sensitive applications. The RFM23B module supports FSK, GFSK and OOK modulations with frequency coverage over the range of 240 MHz to 960 MHz. It also features an exceptionally small footprint (16 mm x 16 mm) and is available in surface mount or through-hole configurations to support varying manufacturing requirements. The RFM31B module, based on Silicon Labs’ Si4330 receiver, is ideal for wireless networking applications that require one-way link support.

The new Hope RF modules are designed to provide versatile, high-performance and cost-competitive wireless networking solutions for OEMs and ODMs worldwide. The RFM23B and RFM31B modules are certified for operation in the US to FCC Part 90 at 915 MHz, and in Europe to ETSI 300220. The availability of pre-certified modules helps developers streamline their certification process and accelerates time to market.

“The collaboration between Silicon Labs and Hope Microelectronics has resulted in a best-in-class, sub-GHz wireless module solution that combines the industry’s lowest power wireless radio IC with the proven manufacturing and support capabilities of Hope Microelectronics,” said YK Wu, general manager of Hope Microelectronics. “The jointly developed pre-certified RF modules will streamline the development of wireless networking solutions worldwide.”

As a member of Silicon Labs’ Wireless Partner Program, Hope Microelectronics provides comprehensive wireless design services and support to customers worldwide, along with high-volume manufacturing capabilities for customized end-user solutions.

“Hope Microelectronics’ new RF modules based on Silicon Labs’ EZRadioPRO wireless radios provide an ideal sub-GHz wireless communications solution for cost- and power-sensitive applications in the home automation, industrial and automotive markets,” said Mark Thompson, vice president of Embedded Mixed-Signal products at Silicon Labs. “Our goal is to help developers simplify and accelerate their wireless design efforts by partnering with leading RF module suppliers to deliver best-in-class turnkey solutions.”

The EZRadioPRO family of transmitters, receivers and transceivers extends all the benefits of the EZRadio® family, such as high integration, low cost, flexibility and easy design-in, into more sophisticated ISM band applications. EZRadioPRO devices offer an array of enhanced parameters and features including continuous frequency coverage from 240 MHz to 960 MHz and output power up to +20 dBm. They also include useful built-in features such as wake-up timer, low battery detector, transmit and receive data FIFOs, power-on reset circuit and general-purpose digital I/Os.

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