STAMFORD, Conn., /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for the busy summer season on America's roadways, AutoVantage, a complete roadside assistance service, today announced a unique benefit that allows its members, with one click from their mobile device, to summon roadside assistance without even having to know their location.

The new AutoVantage mobile website allows members with mobile devices to access AutoVantage's 24X7 roadside assistance through the "click to call" feature on the site, and activates Road America's LocateMe® GPS technology that communicates the member's location to AutoVantage. The new mobile website and LocateMe technology will simplify the process of calling for assistance and accelerate AutoVantage's already industry leading response times.

  "We believe that the first thing a stranded driver does is reach for their cell phone, so we're aiming to eliminate any barriers to getting help to them in the quickest, and most efficient way possible," said Brad Eggleston, GVP of AutoVantage. "In the event of a breakdown or an accident, we are taking advantage of GPS and mobile technology on devices that many of our members use in order to make the process of requesting our roadside assistance even easier and quicker."

From the AutoVantage mobile website, AutoVantage members click to call on the roadside assistance tab and are then immediately connected with an AutoVantage representative at the company's toll free roadside assistance number who will first confirm that the member is in a safe location. The member's location is automatically transmitted via the LocateMe® GPS technology to the representative, and is then communicated to any one of the 30,000 service vehicles available in the AutoVantage fleet.  This process makes it easier for the service provider to locate the AutoVantage member's vehicle.  The new mobile website and LocateMe® GPS technology are free to all AutoVantage members.

The LocateMe® technology was developed and is being provided by Road America, for AutoVantage working with AT&T, and is now available to members using any of the major service carriers.

This latest upgrade is just one of the many advantages to AutoVantage membership, which includes home and auto lock-out protection; service center discounts; a hotline providing access to an independent mechanic for estimates and advice; rental car discount codes and coupons; road benefits and discounts on hotels and auto rentals; a new car evaluation and new and used car research tools.

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