The ability to utilize all that mobile processing offers, including the ability to turn a cell phone into a mobile processing billing system, allows businesses to generate record earnings, even in today's economy. In fact, Gwenn Bezard of the Aite Group recently stated, "We expect the point-of-sale mobile payments market in the U.S. to grow to $55 billion by 2015, up from an estimated $1 billion in 2010."

CellCharge, Inc. has made that even easier with the recent release of CellCharge 2.0. CellCharge 2.0 is a mobile processing system that enables businesses to turn their cell phone into a mobile payment device, and features not only the ability to accept credit card payments over the phone, but also the ability to swipe those cards on certain smart phones.

Dave Garboski, President of CellCharge, Inc., states, "Businesses don't realize just how much money they lose by not offering their customers the ability to accept credit cards anywhere, anytime. Think how often someone has walked away without buying just because you didn't have the ability to accept a credit card payment. Now, think how easy it will be to just swipe those transactions right on your phone. This is M-Commerce at its finest."

This Secure Credit Card reader is geared toward smart phones, including iPhones, iPhone3, iPhone4, iPad, Droid and Blackberry devices. This provides businesses the ability to add this feature to their current calling plan or to any of the smart phones available today.

Additional features of CellCharge 2.0 include: It is an end-to-end encrypted device, meaning that all data is encrypted before it leaves a cell phone. Therefore, no personal data is retained. CellCharge 2.0 is PCI compliant and provides the lowest rates on transactions with features such as real-time authorizations, emailed receipts, void and online reporting.

Mobile payments are especially beneficial for those businesses that conduct business outside of the office. Just a few of these "on-the-go" businesses who would benefit include small businesses, massage therapists, hair stylists, flea shop sellers, artists, general contractors, electricians, fundraisers, service companies, landscapers, mobile vendors, trade show vendors, plumbers, taxi drivers, airport transportation, virtual assistants, etc.

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