MINNETONKA, Minn. Digi International today announced that PowerDash is using the ConnectPort X2 Smart Energy wireless gateway and iDigi Device Cloud to connect its energy performance monitoring solutions to Smart Energy devices for residential solar installations. It is also using the ConnectPort X4 for commercial/industrial solar power installations to connect a broad range of production, metering and sensing equipment.

PowerDash is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that streamlines and simplifies the collection, management and usability of energy production and consumption data from clean energy technologies such as solar inverters, smart meters, wind power systems and other devices.

“I have been involved in this type of work for nearly eight years, and the challenge has always been getting the required data from the different devices,” said Stephen Lapointe, principal, PowerDash. “Digi enables the development of applications and tools that are at the heart of what the Smart Grid needs. It provides an effective communications layer on top of existing Grid infrastructure making it possible to develop Smart Grid tools and applications in an effective way. Digi has delivered on the promise of the ZigBee Smart Energy standard.”

Used in residential applications, the ConnectPort X2 connects ZigBee Smart Energy devices such as Smart Meters to the PowerDash solution. It gathers high accuracy solar production data required by state solar renewable incentive programs from revenue grade ZigBee Smart Meters and sends it back to the iDigi Device Cloud over Ethernet. PowerDash applications use the iDigi Device Cloud to access the solar production information in real-time. iDigi also speeds solar system installation and makes device management easier.

The ConnectPort X4 is used in commercial installations to wirelessly connect smart energy devices, sensors, inverters and other devices to the PowerDash solution. It connects the devices via ZigBee, serial connections and/or Ethernet to the ConnectPort X4 which transmits the data back to the PowerDash solution over cellular networks. iDigi is used in commercial applications to simplify device installation and management.

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