DETROIT, /PRNewswire/ -- Dynamic Intelligent Solutions, LLC (DIS) is displaying its innovative, patent-pending ChamberCam™ process – which provides dynamic, never-before-available 3-D measurement of components under extreme climatic conditions – at the 2011 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress this week in Detroit.

Named an Innovative Exhibitor by SAE, DIS (booth #1038) will be displaying its dynamic data acquisition technology, discussing new applications and conducting process demonstrations from April 12 – April 14.

The ChamberCam™ system combines photogrammetry hardware and software with current thermal management technology to provide product engineers with the unique ability to accurately measure interior and exterior components and engine systems as they expand and contract with temperature changes, up to 15 times per second, to improve product quality and performance.

In addition, the system can now be utilized to measure degradation of adhesion and know the exact time, temperature and humidity condition when the adhesion failure begins.

"Many times during testing under extreme climatic conditions, a part's shape or dimensions react in ways that engineers can't detect, making it difficult to pinpoint what the root cause is when a part fails or becomes unstable," said Jim Arnone, managing partner of DIS. "Our process takes already proven optical measurement equipment and places it in the chamber during extreme climatic testing to capture the part's 3-D data on a real-time basis."

The ChamberCam™ system is a first for the industry, not only in the kinds of precise 3-D measurement data that can be captured, but also in the way the data is delivered to the customer. DIS can deliver results to the customer while also providing additional data including time, temperature and humidity in graphs, charts, video, excel and 3-D point data showing vector direction of the point movement for each measurement.

DIS provides customers with free viewing software, allowing them to review test results and present data to their colleagues, superiors and customers in their format. This data is priceless during root cause analysis and problem-solving engineering fact finding. The system gives  the engineer the ability to analyze up to 100 times more data – including previously unobtainable data – in less time than it takes with today's process.

Benefits of the ChamberCam™ system include:

* Slashes cycle time of engineering evaluations

* Reduces guesswork, repeated testing and downstream engineering

* Eliminates the need for traditional coordinate-measuring machine services and associated time delays

* Provides real-time point measurements under temperature or in motion that were previously unavailable

* Is accurate to 50 microns and can capture data up to 15 times per second

* Can withstand temperatures from -50 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius (+/- 30 degrees) and up to 95 percent relative humidity; and

* Offers almost unlimited test data sets and point comparisons in video, pictures, graphs and 3-D point data charts for quick evaluation and analysis.