ORLANDO, Fla., (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It's not yet an Oscar, but a new finger touchscreen prototype of WordLogic Predictive Keyboard has been nominated for a CTIA Wireless 2011 Emerging Technology Award.

WordLogic's predictive text entry software uses Intelligent Input Platform™ Technology to make it intuitive, fast, accurate and helpful. WordLogic uniquely features:

Intuitive drill-down prediction

Exclusive multi-word, phrase and fragment prediction

Probable next key color-highlighting

Predicts accurately and learns based on individual usage

Supports concurrent mixed languages (e.g. English/Español/industry terms)

WordLogic runs on finger touchscreens, QWERTY keyboard and keypads, as well as on some smartphones and feature phones.

An image of the prototype may be viewed at:

CTIA is offering companies two additional opportunities to win an award. Anyone can vote for WordLogic for the "Best Online Pick" award, whether they are attending CTIA or not. Vote online in mid-March in the Emerging Technology Productivity Category at:

Show attendees will also have the chance to vote on site and via SMS at a showcase in the Emerging Technology Zone, and at CTIA kiosks for attendees at the 2011 International CTIA-Wireless 2011 show, held March 22-24 in Orlando, FL.

Wireless Operators, Device Manufacturers and other partners can arrange a private meeting and demonstration by contacting Mike Flom, Director Mobile Technology, or (201) 378-0059.

The CTIA E-Tech Award category covers new, or yet-to-be introduced products that enhance productivity and organization.