SAN RAMON, Calif., /PRNewswire/ -- In ten years will anyone buy phone service from a phone carrier? If that sounds like a silly question, consider that the telecom market is no more immune to change and evolution than was the advertising industry through Google or the software industry through

A phone or Internet connection purchased directly from AT&T or Verizon is commonplace among businesses today. But the same pressures to cut costs, improve efficiency and innovate that led to seismic change across many industries are now affecting telecom and the traditional carrier.

The high cost and complexities of telephone bills or hassles with a phone company will not be part of the new economy and the cost structure of successful companies. Tomorrow's businesses will expect telecom service to be a low-cost commodity with the invoicing and carrier relationship left to someone else.

Gary Storm is CEO and founder of vCom Solutions that is bringing telecom management to the cloud. His pitch is simple: If we could deliver you a free software license to our SaaS Carrier Management portal, a 50-person Professional Services Team, and a 20% reduction in your Carrier costs, would you buy your Carrier Services through us?

vCom Solutions is pioneering Telecom Management as a Service (TMaaS™), a combination of a aggregate buying power, streamlined processes and software tools backed by experienced support teams. Later this month vCom will announce  the release of vManager 3.1, the newest version of its powerful software that brings state-of-the-art business intelligence to expense management.

"From our company's earliest days we recognized the significant transformation that was going to happen in telecom," said Storm. "It's part of the reason we purchased QuatumShift in 2004, and why we continually invested in the development of software-as-a-service products. Technology has now reached a point where the transition from a 'carrier direct' model to a 'distribution' model is happening."

Stanford Hospital, Del Monte and Electronic Arts are just a few of the vCom customers who have joined the revolution in telecom. They pay 15-30 percent less than their competitors for the same telecom service and they do it with an off-the-shelf solution that gives them unprecedented visibility into the lifecycle of their services.

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