ORLANDO, Florida, CTIA Wireless, /PRNewswire/ -- Traffix Systems, the Diameter control plane experts, today announced the launch of its Signaling Delivery Controller (SDC), a market-first, single platform consolidating the company's widely deployed Diameter Gateway, Diameter Load Balancer and Diameter Router solutions answering telco's needs for cost-effective connectivity, unlimited scalability and simplified control in their migration to LTE networks.

As a single Diameter platform designed with simplified network architecture, the Traffix SDC enables operators to save up to 70% on OPEX and CAPEX with a future-proof, end-to-end solution. Operators benefit from higher mobile data performance and an optimized experience for subscribers. Traffix SDC offers fully-featured solutions including interoperability of legacy and next-generation networks, mobile and fixed elements, and all third-party vendors.

The Traffix SDC is unique in its design, demonstrating significant added value from:

- Patented subscriber context-awareness to extract business intelligence from real-time signaling

- Supports over 50 Diameter interfaces over a dozen additional widely-used protocols such as RADIUS, LDAP, XML, JMS, etc.

- Management tool for wide visibility into the network for 24/7 troubleshooting

- Future proof, supports new Diameter standards (e.g. 3588 bis

- First fully standard Interworking Function (IWF) for legacy connectivity and Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) for roaming

- Runs on Linux and Solaris operating systems and off-the-shelf hardware

- An easy upgrade for changes in standards

- Shortened time-to-market of services that have complex charging schemes.

"The additional bandwidth that LTE will bring and its all-IP nature will only increase the need for operators to harness the scale and complexity of signaling traffic across mobile broadband networks due to complicated services and charging schemes," said Joe McGarvey, Principal Analyst at Current Analysis. "Traffix moving its field-proven Diameter protocol solutions to a single platform will simplify the migration path to LTE for telcos and provide operators with a unified approach to intelligently combat current and future signaling control challenges."

"Diameter protocol products are critical as operators move to LTE and can profitably leverage the explosion of mobile data. With Diameter as our focus since 2005, we are well positioned to take the market lead with our telco-grade Signaling Delivery Controller," said Ben Volkow, CEO at Traffix Systems. "Traffix is dedicated to supporting operators with evolutionary signaling products that enable intelligent and simplified network control, management and advanced subscriber context awareness for operators to unleash the full potential of their mobile data."

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