CUPERTINO, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Ralink Technology Corporation today announced that sales of its ADSL chipsets grew to more than 20 percent of the global xDSL home gateway market according to a recently released iSuppli report. According to iSuppli figures, global ADSL subscribers increased by 10.3 percent in 2010. Ralink’s ADSL chip shipments increased to more than 31 million units in 2010, representing a 46 percent year-over-year growth rate that significantly outpaced the overall global xDSL market.

Capitalizing on the rapid conversion from traditional analog telephone to IP-based Next Generation Networks (NGN), Ralink’s portfolio of DSL solutions includes wired modems, DSL Gateways with embedded Wi-Fi, and “triple play” Integrated Access Devices (IAD) suitable for voice, video, and data services. Ralink’s growth is particularly strong in the IAD segment where its highly integrated TC3182P2V and TC3182LEV chipsets deliver carrier-class voice, video and data service coupled with Ralink’s industry-leading 802.11n Wi-Fi solutions. The TC3182LEV is ideally suited for the cost-centric requirements of DSL-ATA solutions (Analog Terminal Adapter) in emerging markets as it is the industry’s only 2-layer circuit-board design.

“As services bundling voice, video and data drive home gateway bandwidth demands ever higher, equipment makers are now looking to provide a ‘wideband’ multiservice and multimedia model with a robust wireless component that fits into the current multi-device digital home paradigm,” said Lee Ratliff, senior analyst with iSuppli. “Synergies from last year’s Ralink-Trendchip merger seem to be a model for bringing just such devices to market.”

Ralink integrates powerful processing cores, multiple Virtual Processing Elements (VPE), and a multi-threaded system structure to achieve the network performance of a wireline connection in a wireless format while maintaining high definition video and carrier-class voice signal quality even under heavy network loads. Both TC3182P2V and TC3182LEV solutions are compatible with RADVision(R) SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), the most common signaling protocol used for establishing IP networking sessions in the industry.

The TC3182P2V and TC3182LEV solutions also support multiple voice compression coding formats to comply with requirements of all major telecommunications specifications.

“With multiple platforms competing for broadband and ‘triple play’ services, our customers need cost effective solutions that provide a performance edge,” said Bomin Wang, General Manager of Ralink’s Broadband Business Unit. “By delivering xDSL solutions that address the performance, size and cost requirements of segments ranging from ultra-affordable ADSL solutions for emerging markets to ‘triple play’ set top box solutions for leading-edge markets, Ralink continues to expand our presence in the global broadband market.”

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