ORLANDO, Fla. /PRNewswire/ -- CTIA WIRELESS 2011 -- EB, Elektrobit Corporation, a developer of cutting-edge embedded technology solutions for automotive and wireless industries, today announces new features for its EB Propsim F8, a MIMO Over The Air (OTA) real-world-simulated testing laboratory for LTE phones. The feature allows device OEM's and operators to even more reliably test 4G smartphones and dongles over the air, ensuring swift data downloads and improved voice connections for customers.

With the mobile industry switching into 4G LTE smartphones, operators and OEMs are in need of a testing feature that will provide accurate measurement of broadband capacity, data speeds and signal strength enabled by the MIMO feature. Through testing, the EB MIMO OTA solution can increase wireless system capacity by up to 16 percent, ultimately improving end-user satisfaction within networks, while driving revenue growth for the entire wireless ecosystem.

"Our MIMO OTA emulator provides a simulation of a real-world wireless network scenario so device OEM's and operators can realistically gauge the effectiveness of their devices and decide which ones will work the best. If one phone has a weaker signal than the others, it makes it easier to drop that phone from the lineup and avoid customer complaints," said Janne Kolu, vice president at EB, "EB Propsim F8 helps device OEM's and operators ensure smoother data throughput and higher customer satisfaction, which will accelerate ROI and profit."

By only passing those devices with higher data speeds, device OEM's and operators can secure time-to-market, performance goals and quality assurance for their products and services. The ability to benchmark many different solutions in a controlled environment will allow operators to make optimal decisions in a shorter time.

EB Propsim F8 MIMO OTA emulator is now available with an elevation modeling capability, which brings laboratory testing one step closer to the real-world setups. This feature combined with support up to 48 antennas, makes the EB Propsim F8 MIMO OTA emulator the most versatile tool for realistic and repeatable emulation in MIMO OTA testing.

The EB Propsim F8 MIMO OTA emulator is designed to meet the conformance and beyond-conformance testing requirements of WCDMA, HSPA, 3GPP Long Term-Evolution (LTE), WiMAX and WLAN.

  For more information on the EB Propsim F8 MIMO OTA emulator and other Propsim products, please visit: For a demonstration, please visit EB at CTIA Wireless 2011 at Booth 363 in the Testing Area.