By Josh Lowensohn

The maker of a controversial mobile app that critics contend helps drunken drivers avoid police says his company is getting a raw deal from politicians and app marketplaces.

Up until last week, driving-alerts application PhantomAlert had been available on Research In Motion's BlackBerry App World. PhantomAlert CEO Joe Scott is miffed that the software has been taken down by RIM, in a decision that was not shared with him.

"It's just sad, we never got contacted by the senators or anyone else," Scott said in an interview with CNET this morning. "We're more than just DUI checkpoints. We do school zones, speed bumps, and we're endorsed by over 35 police departments."

PhantomAlert's takedown follows a letter published last week by a group of U.S. senators urging Apple, Google, and RIM to remove applications they said encouraged drunken driving by supplying users with information about DUI checkpoints.

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Article Source: CNET News