Delegates at Darnell’s 2011 CTO Power Summit will hear the latest developments in advanced technology for power conversion including two “Super Sessions.” These in-depth sessions include industry leaders making detailed hour-long presentations, not the typical 20 minute overviews common at most industry events.

Super Session - Wireless Energy Transfer

1.1 Developments and Opportunities for Wireless Power Transmission, David Baarman, Director of Advance Technologies, Fulton Innovation and the Wireless Power Consortium

1.2 Enabling Wireless Power Transmission, Use Cases Analysis, Francisco Carobolante, CTO, Qualcomm

1.3 From Milliwatts to Kilowatts, Wireless Energy Transfer, Katie Hall, CTO, WiTricity Corporation Super Session - Smart Grid Developments

3.1 Smart Meters and Energy Efficiency Trends, Brian Fortenbery, Sr. Program Manager, Electric Power Research Institute

3.2 Smart Grid Progress Report, Dennis Symanski, Program Manager, Electric Power Research Institute

3.3 Personal Energy Systems, Tomm Aldridge, Director, Intel Energy Laboratory

In addition to these Super Sessions, the 2011 CTO Summit will include presentations on “Patent Strategies for a Global Economy,” “EMerge Alliance Progress Update and Future Expectations,” “The Path to Zero Net Energy Systems,” and more.

You will find the current schedule at:

There are only two ways to attend this unique industry event. CTOs with Power Conversion Equipment Manufacturers can request a free invitation. Or you can become a Sponsor. Sponsors will include industry organizations and component makers.