DALLAS, /PRNewswire/ -- AT&T is broadening its Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services portfolio with new application integration, development, and management solutions, as well as enhanced global roaming capabilities to help companies across various industries curb IT costs, complexity and speed time to market.

"As part of our focus on enterprise mobility, we're helping to accelerate and transform M2M adoption for businesses by making every step of the process easier and faster so that our customers can seize the benefits of M2M connectivity – enhanced productivity, lower costs, and streamlined operations – and integrate them simply into existing IT systems," said Chris Hill, vice president, Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions. "Our Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions group collaborates with our Emerging Devices team to enable a wireless connection for virtually any edge device."

AT&T recently announced four new relationships with companies that specialize in M2M technology to offer to customers more options for development, enterprise integration and management of M2M solutions across the 1,100 total connected non-stocked devices approved for use on the AT&T network, of which over 450 are M2M devices. AT&T consultants work closely with customers to identify the right solution based on industry focus and technical requirements.

* Axeda provides a cloud-based M2M application platform for the rapid development and deployment of solutions for customers in various industries including industrial, medical, IT, banking, retail and government. Running on AT&T's high-speed global network and M2M management platform, Axeda can offer a complete connected solution to drive new business models and revenue opportunities for AT&T customers.

* Working with ILS Technology's deviceWISE M2M Application Platform, AT&T helps customers simplify deployment of remote services for optimization and support of critical infrastructure in the building automation, data center, energy management, and industrial markets. ILS Technology provides monitoring and predictive maintenance applications that securely connect and intelligently exchange data instantly from devices to existing enterprise applications on a global scale, with no custom programming required.

* AT&T is working with SensorLogic to bring to market M2M solutions for businesses that need to track and monitor their fleets and mobile assets with highly secure, scalable and reliable managed services. SensorLogic's cloud-based service delivery platform will help deliver higher-quality, quick-to-market, customized location-aware applications for mobile resource management and beyond.

  * Sierra Wireless and AT&T will jointly offer an end-to-end solution for building, deploying and operating M2M applications. The combined offer brings together the power of the AT&T network with Sierra Wireless' M2M communication devices and the Sierra Wireless AirVantage™ Platform, a cloud-based service and development environment that can help reduce the time, cost, and effort required to bring new connected device applications to market.

In addition, AT&T plans to extend its M2M global roaming footprint for AT&T Control Center, to increase wireless device connectivity worldwide. The AT&T Control Center, a unique service delivery platform powered by Jasper Wireless, is expected to cover roaming in more than 200 countries by the second half of 2011. Companies planning international roaming applications will benefit from the ability to enable consistent operations regardless of location by deploying AT&T M2M solutions across the globe.