SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Bytemobile, Inc. today announced the appointments of Ronny Haraldsvik as vice president of Global Marketing and Michael Laudon as vice president of Engineering. These additions to the company’s senior management team reaffirm its commitment to the ever-growing capacity challenge facing carriers on a global scale. Bytemobile data shows that video became the dominant form of mobile data traffic in 2010 - accounting for more than 40 percent of the total volume in wireless networks worldwide. With the rise of full-length and studio-quality videos and live streaming of multimedia content on mobile devices – as well as the emergence of two-way video communications – Bytemobile expects mobile data traffic to spike to an all-time high in 2011.

Based on an analysis of data trends across its customers’ wireless networks, Bytemobile expects to see the following developments in the coming year:

* Video-based content will account for over 60 percent of network traffic, up from approximately 40 percent in 2010

* Personal video communications will dominate wireless network capacity, such that 10 percent of subscribers consume 90 percent of total network traffic

* Next-generation smartphones will lead to the consumption of bandwidth-intensive content and subscribers will continue to consume available network capacity even as operators roll out LTE

* Operators will add “Smart Capacity” solutions to both the data centers and the packet core of their networks to better utilize capacity for rising traffic demand. These solutions combine caching, content filtering, policy enforcement, access control, and capacity control points to create smarter networks for managing existing capacity. This helps operators protect their existing investments, control operating expenses and defer new capital expenditures. With Smart Capacity management, they can increase customer satisfaction and reduce subscriber churn.

“For network operators, Bytemobile® Smart Capacity platforms deliver the industry’s most scalable and flexible subscriber profile and capacity management platform for video and other multimedia applications,” said Adrian Hall, chief operating officer of Bytemobile. “With a solid leadership team in place, we are confident that we can help operators grow in line with the increased demand for capacity on their networks. The appointments of Mike and Ronny ensure the continued development of innovative products and awareness of Bytemobile’s industry leadership for capacity management.”