LAS VEGAS -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Americans can now get fit at home and at work with real-time encouragement from friends, family and healthcare practitioners by using the IDEAL LIFE Step Manager™, the first wireless pedometer with remote interactive communications.

“Coaching is a highly effective way to help people be consistent with their exercise and weight management goals, so we developed an innovative messaging engine to let people send and receive personalized messages, and even graphics, on the actual pedometer,” says Jason Goldberg, president of IDEAL LIFE.

“With the IDEAL LIFE Step Manager™, people can cheer each other on with messages of encouragement directly, as well as via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Because it is easy and affordable, the IDEAL LIFE Step Manager™ is also a solution for on-the-job wellness programs at companies that recognize the importance of a healthy workforce.”

The IDEAL LIFE Step Manager™ automatically and wirelessly transmits readings to designated healthcare providers, friends and family members through an available gateway like the IDEAL LIFE Pod™ creating an individualized “virtual community” for each person. It will be available to consumers first quarter 2011.

The IDEAL LIFE Step Manager™ joins the family of IDEAL LIFE devices that provide a full range of options for mobile health. IDEAL LIFE’s touch screen kiosks were recently selected for use in the world’s largest telehealth project in China as the only system capable of bringing accessible health care to millions of people at an affordable price. The company’s other products offer easy, affordable remote monitoring for conditions like heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes, with the ability to seamlessly connect providers, patients, and family members.

The IDEAL LIFE Step Manager™ clips to the individual’s clothing and tracks steps in real time, automatically starting and stopping to monitor activity accurately. With its interactive messaging capability, users can:

* Share personal fitness information

* Send and receive support

* Create motivational messages, progress and updates

* Track their daily and weekly steps, distance and calories burned

* View, update and share their personalized fitness goals.

The IDEAL LIFE Step Manager™ will be available for under $85.