LAS VEGAS, /PRNewswire/ -- The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show ended this past weekend, but not without leaving a lasting impression of what is to come. Tablets and smartphones dominated, showing that the future is indeed mobile. 2,700 exhibitors brought an endless onslaught of innovation that collectively attempted to blow the minds of show-goers. Some technologies clearly stood out beyond others, some we thought were just cool, and others we know will make a difference in our connected lives.

Here's Mobile Magazine's list of the 10 Best at CES:

* Best Mobile Projector Technology: MicroVision Mini-Tablet Projector

* Best Green Gadget: Dexim's Visible G Charger

* Best Mobile 3D Camera: Sony's Bloggie Duo

* Best Wearable Technology: Recon Instruments' Android-powered Digital Ski Goggles

* Best Smartphone: Motorola Atrix 4G with laptop dock

* Best Tablet: Motorola XOOM

* Best Smartphone Case: Mophie Pulse

* Best Satellite Technology: Spot Connect

* Best Notebook Innovation: Samsung PC 7 Series

* Best iPad Accessory: iCade Arcade Cabinet Dock

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