LONDON, /PRNewswire/ -- The new Nexus S is the second Smartphone offering from Google who are keen to show they are serious about having a presence in the mobile phone market. The device which is also being referred to as Nexus 2, is fast, fluid and sporting the latest technology from the new Android 2.3 gingerbread operating.

The screen is a bright, crisp and clear 4" AMOLED screen which ensures up to one and a half times more luminance than LCD displays traditionally found on many Smartphone. The device also has new Touchscreen sensors making the multitouch keyboard experience much better than its predecessor and Anti-fingerprint display coating. A 1GHz Hummingbird processor ensures easy multi tasking, web browsing and gaming experience via a dedicated graphics processor.

A dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) makes playing video games, viewing images and watching videos a much better flow and richer experience. The internal 16GB memory has enough capacity to store all but the most demanding uses for music, photos, videos and games. There is no expansion card slot for a memory card.

The Nexus S also comes with future technology advances including the latest NFC wireless payment technology. The technology allows you to read information from smart tags or objects that have NFC chips. This is a major innovation as it brings payment technology to pay for goods and services simply by swiping similar to the one touch swipe and go Barclaycard.

Gingerbread supports Internet calling with its inbuilt SIP stack you can easily access VOIP from contacts, dialer or the quick contacts tab. Other features include turn by turn navigation, 3D landmarks and Streetview from the latest Google and a 5 mega pixel back and front facing lens with LED flash.

The look and feel is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S with a curved ergonomically designed AMOLED display which is the first contour glass display on a Smartphone. The Nexus S WIFI hotspots can act as a 3g connection router for portable WIFI device for up to six portable devices such as notebooks, tablet PCs and once connected these devices will have access to internet with no added carrier fees.

The 1500mAh battery gives impressive running time easily allowing you to talk for over 20 hours.