BOSTON, /PRNewswire/ -- Perhaps the most buzz that came out of CES surrounded an announcement that wasn't even made at the tradeshow - the Verizon iPhone. Gazelle (, the nation's largest RECOMMERCE™ service, today released the results of a survey that polled more than 200 attendees at the International CES and gauged the likelihood that current smartphone owners would switch to a Verizon iPhone.

Based on the results below, Gazelle is expecting an unprecedented amount of trade-ins as smart phone users look for a way to pay off Early Termination Fees and fund the purchase of a new Verizon iPhone.

Notable survey findings

Trade-in will be the path to upgrading:

* 75% of those polled said that if they did indeed purchase a Verizon iPhone, they would trade in their current smart phone for cash to pay their ETF and fund the switch to the Verizon iPhone.

* Gazelle can help alleviate that financial burden. As of the date of this release, customers can lock in offers for 30 days and expect to receive the following for iPhones in perfect condition:

     iPhone 4: $430 (32GB)

     iPhone 3GS: $207 (32GB)

     iPhone 3G: $125 (16GB)

iPhone owners' dissatisfaction with AT&T's service will drive them to put an end to this love-hate relationship.

* iPhone 3GS and 3G owners led the pack of respondents most likely to make the switch to the Verizon iPhone (62% and 59% respectively would switch to Verizon iPhone).

* iPhone 4 users, on the other hand, won't be so quick to make the jump, as just 27% of respondents indicated they would switch to Verizon.

* Of those respondents that planned to switch, being "unhappy with AT&T service" was overwhelmingly selected as the biggest reason for doing so, with more than 90% selecting this response.

Android, Blackberry users more monogamous and in committed relationships, but still seduced by the iPhone's allure.

Current iPhone users won't be the only ones lining up for the Verizon edition. Blackberry and Android users split nearly down the middle on their intent to purchase the Verizon iPhone (53% and 50% respectively would switch to Verizon iPhone).

"We expect the need to pay high ETFs from AT&T will be one of the big drivers for consumers to trade-in their iPhones," said Israel Ganot, Co-Founder and CEO of Gazelle. "When the iPhone 4 was released, nearly 50,000 consumers gazelled their older models for cash that many used to purchase the new model. We're thrilled to once again help smartphone owners upgrade intelligently and responsibly."