CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Taoglas Limited today announced a Wireless Design Partnership agreement with Microchip Technology Inc. Surface-mount technology antennas such as Taoglas’ PA.25 Cellular (2G/3G/3.5G) and SGP.25D GPS patch are just two of the antennas chosen.

Microchip also selected Taoglas’ automotive-approved “Titan” AA.105 Active External GPS IP67 antenna, for customers looking for an external antenna solution.

“After speaking with wireless-module partners and testing the antenna technology ourselves, we are pleased to select Taoglas as an Antenna Design partner,” said Cheri Keller, Microchip’s senior manager, Worldwide Design Partner Program.

“We are excited to partner with a quality organization like Microchip,” said Tim Dolan, North American Sales Manager with Taoglas. “We are the market leader in antennas for wireless M2M applications. With the investments both companies are making in next-generation wireless solutions, and the synergies between the two organizations, together we make a powerful solutions choice for wireless M2M.”

Taoglas’ ceramic SMT antennas deliver the highest efficiency for a given ground-plane area, without the loss associated with traditional cabled solutions. They eliminate the need for tooling and NRE fees. This means the range is available "off the shelf" at any quantity, delivered on tape and reel. All that is needed is for the customer to place the antenna on one of the short ends of their main device board and design a straight 50 Ohm CPW transmission line direct to the module.

Tuning of the matching circuit by way of changing simple component values may be necessary. These features allow the antennas to be tuned on the customer side, during integration, and speed up the design cycle dramatically.

Taoglas’ unique SMT GPS patches are designed to meet the requirements of high-volume applications that need to avoid manual assembly processes. Again, a short CPW from a surface-mounted module is all that is needed. These new SMT GPS patch solutions are the first to fully meet the environmental requirements of the automotive industry for temperature, shock, vibration, etc. Taoglas’ design keeps the feedline of the SMT GPS patch antenna off the side of the ceramic and unexposed, preventing the cracking associated with traditional methods. It also uses a separate PCB to connect to the GPS module feedline, along with mechanical pads, for stable integration.

Additionally, Taoglas offers further tuning of the patch antenna for different ground-planes. (Patent Pending)