ALBANY, N.Y. -- (BUSINESS WIRE)--To help increase the performance and service life of LEDs (light emitting diodes) and LED assemblies, Momentive Performance Materials has introduced a new line of thermally conductive silicones to be considered for use in LED manufacturing and assembly. Available as the TIA series of curable thermal gels and adhesives and TIS series of curable thermal compounds, the new products may help LED lighting manufacturers solve the ongoing challenges of heat transfer and dissipation in LED lighting assemblies.

Momentive's TIA thermal gels are liquid-dispensed materials for heat dissipation, available in a variety of thermal conductivity levels, viscosities and curing profiles to meet a wide range of design needs. Easy to use, the new gels, which include TIA221G and TIA216G, may extend the service life of LED light bulbs by helping manage the heat generated by drivers used to regulate voltage.

Since drivers are three-dimensional and typically housed inside a light bulb fixture, a liquid-dispensed thermal material that can conform to the assembly's design and flow into the cavity, creating a heat path from the driver to the fixture, is generally required. The TIA series is an excellent candidate to consider for use in this type of application, as the liquid-dispensed gels can fill gaps between the driver and surrounding fixture and cure at either room temperature or by accelerated heat cure to create a soft elastomer. This creates a thermal path while providing the added benefit of absorbing thermal stress due to its softness.

For designs requiring mechanical adhesion, the TIA thermal adhesives are excellent candidates to consider. This line, which includes the TIA250R and TIA600R products, is available in room-temperature and heat-accelerated cure formulations that adhere well to a wide variety of substrates.

Thermal adhesive TIA0220, for example, offers corrosion-free adhesion to most metals (including copper), plastics, ceramics, glass and other surfaces without the use of primers.

The TIS series of thermal compounds, which includes TIS380C, cures at room temperature and can be considered for use in minimizing thermal resistance in LED lighting assemblies.

As soft Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs), these thermally conductive compounds can help provide stress relief for delicate components as well as extremely low oil bleed and volatile contents - attributes which contribute to stability in high temperature environments.

Momentive’s TIA thermal gels, adhesives and compounds can be considered for use to create a thermal path between the LED board and heat sink, which helps protect the LED from heat emission. The TIA products are all liquid-dispensed, allowing for an exact amount of material to be applied to precise locations and assembled to create a thin bond line. This contributes to overall efficiency in heat transfer.