The Motorola Solutions business of Motorola, Inc. recently demonstrated live over-the-air (OTA) broadband video in the 700 MHz Public Safety spectrum band to the world’s first public safety data device using a commercial LTE chipset module. Motorola also congratulates BayWEB for their first live, OTA data session in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The LTE module used in the demonstration at the 2010 Motorola Digital Users Group Conference is ready for implementation in a broad array of Public Safety LTE devices in multiple form factors.

The compact USB device uses a commercially produced chipset that supports the Band Class 14 Public Safety spectrum band. The demonstration is a key milestone in the development of open market components to foster a broad selection of LTE devices that are optimized for use by public safety and benefit from economies of scale from carrier LTE deployments worldwide.

The portfolio of LTE devices will include portable data adaptors, vehicular modems and multimedia handhelds among others. Motorola is making additional investments to fully enhance standards-compliant LTE components to serve the unique requirements of public safety operations.

Motorola’s LTE technology demonstration includes dynamic prioritization and preemption for safeguarding LTE capacity for critical resources during an emergency response.

Motorola has also developed real-time video intelligence that adjusts video to best match real-time wireless LTE bandwidth capabilities with the device screen size.

The first live data session in the San Francisco Bay area marks the first operational use of the public safety broadband spectrum in a true Public Safety deployment.