SAN MATEO, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Keynote® Systems announced the launch of MITE 2 (Mobile Internet Testing Environment™), an advanced tool for automated testing and verification of mobile content. With MITE, mobile content developers as well as operations and QA teams can instantly test and verify mobile Web content using a built-in library of 1,800 devices and 11,000 devices profiles. MITE 2 is available for free download at

Carl Howe, research director for Yankee Group’s Anywhere Consumer research group said, “Good mobile Web design isn't enough to satisfy on-the-go anywhere consumers. As those consumers have become a large part of a company's Internet strategy, businesses must now test how well their mobile Web sites deliver on their Web designs.

Products such as Keynote Mobile Internet Test Environment are designed to do just that; they help businesses validate that their mobile Web content actually is reaching users properly across the many mobile networks and thousands of mobile devices in the market today.”

In addition to offering on-demand access to a wide variety of mobile devices, MITE offers many useful features and functionality that allows mobile content owners, providers and QA professionals to quickly see how well Web sites, content, and applications perform from an end-user's perspective. These include:

* An embedded WebKit browser engine, used by all leading smartphone manufacturers, lets users interact with any mobile Web site and get the most accurate end user perspective.

* Access to the latest smartphones devices profiles, such as Apple iPhone 4, Android Droid Incredible, Nokia N8 and BlackBerry Torch.

* Ability to customize the device library to expand upon the 11,000 profiles that come standard in MITE.

* Point-and-click scripting capabilities to automate mobile content testing. Mobile content developers can record a single test script on one device and then run it across any number of selected devices.

* An intuitive grading system that helps companies verify that a mobile Web site is optimized for a given device by providing both a score and actionable recommendations to improve the quality, performance and compliance of the Web site with W3C’s mobile best practices.

* Ability to conduct Over the Air (OTA) testing simply by attaching an aircard locally or connecting remotely to operator networks around the world.

* Monitoring on-demand, around-the-clock, for any mobile content, applications and services on the Keynote global test and measurement network.

With the continued proliferation of newer and more powerful smartphones, developers, Web operations teams and QA testers are increasingly challenged to create and test Web content to ensure its continuous availability on devices with varying capabilities, form factors and screen sizes. Before MITE, these constituencies were limited to repurposed browser plug-ins, expensive rental options or maintaining their own mobile device libraries.

The value of Keynote MITE 2 extends far beyond just providing the most comprehensive number of device profiles. MITE also provides diagnostics that give users a detailed understanding of what is happening behind the scenes. For each page tested, MITE provides download times, redirects, over-sized objects, broken links, supported MIME types, syntax errors, compliance with W3C mobile best practices and much more. With MITE users can navigate their Web site and check links from the convenience of a single desktop application.