DUBLIN -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "Future Trends in Microelectronics: From Nanophotonics to Sensors to Energy" to their offering.

In the summer of 2009, leading professionals from industry, government, and academia gathered for a free-spirited debate on the future trends of microelectronics. This volume represents the summary of their valuable contributions.

Providing a cohesive exploration and holistic vision of semiconductor microelectronics, this text answers such questions as:

What is the future beyond shrinking silicon devices and the field-effect transistor principle?

Are there green pastures beyond the traditional semiconductor technologies?

This resource also identifies the direction the field is taking, enabling microelectronics professionals and students to conduct research in an informed, profitable, and forward-looking fashion.

Key Topics Covered:

Preface (S. Luryi, J. M. Xu, and A. Zaslavsky).


Nanophotonics for Information Systems (Y. Fainman).

What Will Modern Photonics Contribute to the Development of Future Optical Communication Technology? (Djafar K. Mynbaev).

Ultrafast Nanophotonic Devices For Optical Interconnects (N. N. Ledentson)

Intersubband Quantum-Box Lasers: Progress and Potential as Uncooled Mid-Infrared Sources (D. Botez, G. Tsvid, M. D'Souza, J. C. Shin, Z. Liu, J. H. Park, J. Kirch, L. J. Mawst, M. Rathi, T. F. Kuech, I. Vurgaftman, J. Meyer, J. Plant, G. Turner, and P. Zory).

GaSb-based Type-I Laser Diodes Operating at 3 m and Beyond (L. Shterengas, G. Kipshidze, T. Hosoda, and G. Belenky).

Bridging Optics and Electronics with Quantum Cascade Lasers, Antennas, and Circuits (J. Faist, C. Walther, M. Amanti, G. Scalari, M. Fischer, and M. Beck), plus much more.