NEW YORK, /PRNewswire/ -- Hammacher Schlemmer (, America's longest running catalog offering the unexpected for 162 years, has introduced The Magic Wand Remote Control (, a device that adds a wizardly flourish to home entertainment, and a fun holiday gift.

"This remote control wand will awe and amuse family and friends as you master the TV, DVD, and other devices," said Fred Berns, general manager of Hammacher Schlemmer. "Like a conductor commanding her audience or a magician performing his tricks, deft movements of the Magic Wand provide complete control over electronic devices."

The Magic Wand Remote Control is a motion-sensing accelerometer that translates the hand's nuance movements into commands from a remote control. Simply point the wand and the device's remote at each other and push the function on the remote the wand is to "learn."

For example, pressing "up volume" on a remote could be linked to the wand's up/down gesture, while changing channels could be linked to the wand's clock/counterclockwise gesture.

Specific motions of the hand, such as quick taps to pause/play a DVD, forward/backward thrusts, and dramatic sweeps can be matched to nearly any existing remote's functions.

The 13-inch long wand is compatible with most home electronics that use remote controls, including televisions, DVD players, DVR players, ceiling fans and lighting.

"This is a spectacular holiday gift for the clicker-controlling character in the family," said Berns. The Magic Wand Remote Control comes in a silk-lined presentation box and includes two AAA batteries, and is available for $89.95 plus shipping.

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