NEW ORLEANS, /PRNewswire/ -- Bay Microsystems, Inc. will be showcasing its new IBEx family of InfiniBand range extension appliances at SC10 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Bay's next-generation IBEx G40 platform extends native InfiniBand at 40 Gbps data rates to any point on the globe.

The IBEx G40 utilizes Bay Microsystems' proprietary packet and transport-processing technology along with enhanced credit buffering and end-to-end flow control to reliably extend InfiniBand over campus, metro, and wide-area networks spanning from just a few miles to thousands of miles. This allows the IBEx G40 platform to provide InfiniBand range extension over a variety of network infrastructures enabling IT managers to maintain protocol continuity beyond a single site to virtually anywhere around the globe without the need to modify existing applications or the local InfiniBand network.

The IBEx G40 provides flexible connectivity options delivering line rate 4X/8X InfiniBand QDR (up to 40 Gbps) performance over standard optical transport and packet-switched networks. This allows the IBEx G40 to seamlessly transport native InfiniBand over most wide-area network technologies including 40G Ethernet, IPv4/IPv6, SONET/SDH OC-768, ITU-T G.709 OTU3, and dark fiber.

In addition to InfiniBand, the IBEx also supports encapsulation of a single 10G Ethernet link over the same wide area network connection allowing management and other network traffic to transparently pass without the need for additional wide area network services between sites.

The IBEx G40 is designed to work with a broad range of applications allowing InfiniBand compute and storage resources to be shared between data centers. This includes:

* Global file systems and storage architectures

* High-performance computing and visualization

* Low-latency trading and market data feeds with disaster recovery

* Multi-site clustered databases and data warehousing

* Distributed healthcare applications