WASHINGTON --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Wireless Innovation Forum has announced participants in the SDR 2010 Product Exposition, which reaches across all aspects of the wireless value chain. The expo will feature some of the latest products, technologies and services available in the advanced wireless market. Exhibitors will include numerous organizations, many of whom will be announcing new products during the event. Companies participating include:

* Agilent Technologies Inc.

* BeeCube

* Coherent Logix, Incorporated

* CRC Canada

* DataSoft

* Epiq Solutions

* Ettus Research

* Green Hills Software, Inc.

* Harris

* Innovative Integration

* The MathWorks

* MDE Systems

* National Instruments

* Objective Interface

* Pentek

* PrismTech

* Spectrum Signal Processing by Vecima

* Xilinx

Exhibitors are still being accepted. The Forum’s annual Conference and Product Exposition provides exhibitors with an outstanding opportunity to reach partners and customers at all levels of the wireless value chain. This conference is the largest of its type focused on the reconfigurable radio community.

Last year's 563 registered delegates included investors, commercial network operators, radio manufacturers, system integrators, government procurement officials, regulators, engineering service providers and consultants from over 26 different countries. Of these, over 61% had either direct purchasing authority or the ability to significantly influence radio technology acceptance and purchasing decisions.

A Technology Showcase will be featured in conjunction with the exposition this year. The Showcase will feature 22 demonstrations over two days. In addition to the exposition and showcase, the event will feature workshops (Analysts, Regulatory, Public Safety, Open Source Radio, SDR in Space, Tactical Radio), keynotes by high caliber industry leaders, more than 100 high quality technical presentations over four days from industry, government, and university experts, and tutorials held on each day of the conference.

The Conference program can be found here: