The Motorola Solutions business of Motorola, Inc. recently announced that colleges, universities and K-12 institutions around the world are rapidly adopting its wireless network solutions to enhance learning through technology and better prepare students for entering the mobile workforce.


* K-12 and higher education institutions are expanding their network infrastructures to support an influx of high-bandwidth mobile applications, e-learning tools and devices, and the need to provide high-speed wireless Internet access to all corners of districts and campuses.

* Motorola enables always-on learning environments, so no matter where students, faculty or staff are located – in the classroom, across campus or in the community – they have access to the information they need.

* Motorola’s broad portfolio of indoor and outdoor wireless network solutions, network security and management tools, provide the connectivity, bandwidth and reliability necessary for schools to create an always-on learning environment that delivers high-speed access to digital learning resources to enhance the learning experience.

* Campbell County School District (U.S.), Hopwood Hall College (U.K.) and North East Independent School District (U.S.) have all deployed Motorola’s wireless solutions to support high-bandwidth e-learning applications used in the classroom, such as streaming video and multimedia, online testing and student assessment, and curriculum personalization through 1:1 computing initiatives.

* Charles Sturt University (Australia) selected Motorola’s wireless solutions to improve connectivity and provide access to online learning resources from indoor and outdoor locations across its nine campuses, while Manipal University (India) chose Motorola for campus-wide coverage, extending connectivity beyond the classroom to provide students, faculty and staff with faster access to information, from anywhere on campus.

* Motorola’s wireless solutions are helping bridge the digital divide at Northern Michigan University by extending support of 1:1 computing for students living both on- and off-campus and reaching into rural communities surrounding the university. In Medellin, Colombia, more than 1,800 students and 16 different primary/secondary schools in hard-to-reach areas are connected to higher education entities in the region through Motorola wireless solutions to extend learning opportunities.

* Motorola is working with K-12 districts in the U.S. to pilot programs that give students Wi-Fi access while riding the bus to and from school. Buses are equipped with Motorola access points that use 3G/4G cellular networks to provide a connection to the district’s network, giving students secure access to the resources they need in a mobile classroom environment.

* The new Motorola AP6511 802.11n WallPlate access point extends the benefits of 802.11n wireless access to dormitories and residential facilities in an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-afford package, giving colleges and universities the ability to provide students high-speed mobile access for bandwidth-demanding voice, video and data applications where they study and live.