ATLANTA -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Axis Teknologies announced today the launch of iBuildNet. iBuildNet is an automated indoor micro-network design and optimization tool that resolves coverage gaps at indoor facilities. It is the first and only automated tool that can graphically design, in only a matter of hours, a micro-network that address this long-standing issue.

Coverage gaps in hotels, train stations, libraries, indoor sports stadiums and other such indoor facilities result in poor customer experience, increased churn, and lost revenues for service providers. With iBuildNet, wireless network engineers can perform an automated evaluation of their current network and plan the optimization needed for in-building solutions that resolve the indoor coverage gaps.

The tool works with all technologies (BBU+RRU, Picocells, Distributed Antenna System, repeaters, radiating cables and Femtocells), on all frequencies (GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, LTE, etc.).

iBuildNet automates the calculations to determine the exact cost of implementing the network design plan, predications for radio propagation and accurate network performance, and tracks the indoor radio network implementation from proposal to construction.

“Axis Teknologies now not only has the ability to help wireless network operators find their coverage gap holes in their macro-networks with 97% accuracy, we can also assist in automated designs of micro-networks to resolve indoor coverage gaps with the speed and accuracy that is needed with the ever increasing customer demands on network performance,” says Eric Moore, Axis CTO. “The ease of this solution opens the door for all sorts of possible revenue streams for service providers.”

iBuildNet features include:

* Fast automatic and semi-automatic 3D building modeling; * Cost and performance comparison of different indoor solutions; * Ability to automatically capture network design, cost breakdown, and element summary in Excel or PDF files; * Integration with third-party radio propagation simulators to provide an accurate signal propagation prediction in the building, and from the building to the outside; * Ability to calculate radio propagation prediction based on full 3D building model with consideration for building materials, which could dramatically impact radio propagation behaviours; * Network elements shown at exact location in the building in 2D and 3D; * Real network element parameters to design indoor radio networks.

iBuildNet is now available in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. The product will be demonstrated at 4G World in Chicago, October 18 to 21.