LITTLE FERRY, N.J., /PRNewswire/ -- The PLK Technology announced that their innovative RoadScan black box will provide drivers with increased safety and security with its continuous recording function, VEDR function, and many more.

"We are proud to offer these innovative products to customers," says Harry Rhim, CEO of SYNET USA, a distributor of PLK products in the States. "The DIT (Digital Image Tachometer), continuous recording, dual memory and manual recording functions make the RoadScan products the most effective car black box in the market."

There are six main features of RoadScan that differentiate it from other car black boxes. The key features include video event data recorder function, CCTV function, digital tachometer, and dual memory.

When the vehicle experiences impact from crashes, the RoadScan will detect the shock automatically and record the image before and after 15 seconds of the impact. The DIT will record driving route, speed, and time. These data can be transferred to SD card and be downloaded to the PC.

It has dual memory card which allows one to save data both to internal flash memory and SD card. It comes with 1G memory card that can save images for 5 minutes with high quality or 100 minutes with medium quality.

PLK offers a product with high performance DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and powerful image processing algorithm that detect the lane-departure in real time, called RoadScopeX. The artificial intelligent camera detects the movement of the car. If the driver crosses road lanes, RoadScopeX will detect it and make an alert sound which could prevent accidents.

The PLK's RoadScan series are distributed by SYNET, located in Little Ferry, New Jersey.