NAPERVILLE, Ill., /PRNewswire/ -- Consumers  and businesses around the globe increasingly rely on a variety of networked devices such as smartphones, car navigation systems, tablets and even home appliances, to meet their daily demands in the home, office and on the go.

The diversity and ever- increasing volume of these devices, along with support for high-bandwidth services, are driving huge performance demands on the networks of today and tomorrow.

Tellabs will complement its market-leading Tellabs® 8600 managed edge system of MPLS-based multiservice solutions with 2 new products to provide a smooth transition to high-capacity LTE (Long Term Evolution) access: the Tellabs® 8609 Access Switch and the Tellabs® 8611 Access Switch.

  To prepare for the increased capacity requirements of HSPA (high-speed packet access) and LTE, the Tellabs 8609 switch offers substantially enhanced switching and routing capacity of 10 Gbps at market-leading cost points. The compact Tellabs 8609 switch is the ideal fit for cell-site locations and Ethernet ring applications.

Built upon the Tellabs 8600 system's heritage as a market leading multiservice solution, it provides increased Ethernet switching capabilities, offers a rich set of interface modules and boasts high port-density for 2G and 3G networks as they evolve to 4G and LTE.

The Tellabs 8611 switch nicely aligns to large cell-site locations or hub applications in the network. It is a compact, energy-efficient 2RU device with 10 Gbps switching and routing capacity. It is further supported by a long list of Ethernet OAM (operations, administration and maintenance) and packet connectivity features to provide services with carrier-grade reliability and manageability for the service provider.   Like the Tellabs 8609 switch, the Tellabs 8611 switch leverages the Tellabs 8600 multiservice heritage and will provide a rich set of interface modules and very high port density.

  "The Tellabs 8609 and 8611 access switches expand the Tellabs 8600 product family by offering a significant leap in node throughput, Ethernet port density and multiservice switching and routing capabilities," said Mika Heikkinen, vice president and general manager, Tellabs managed access products.

"The platform also shares common hardware components, resulting in 2 scalable and compact form factors operating in a low energy footprint, and enabling customers to realize a cost-efficient total investment for 3G, 4G and LTE."

Both the Tellabs 8609 and the Tellabs 8611 switches will be integrated under the Tellabs® 8000 Intelligent Network Manager. The Tellabs 8000 manager is an umbrella network management system that supports multiple technologies and Tellabs product families end-to-end.