WILMINGTON, Del., /PRNewswire/ -- Ryz Media has elevated the 20th century Couch Potato to the 21st century with its new Apple iTune App and hardware, My TV Remote. Now any owner of an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad can not only easily control their home theatre hardware, but also have instant access to their own personalized Electronic Program Guide (EPG) in the palm of their hands. At the same time, they can share and communicate what they are watching with their friends and family.

Unlike other more expensive solutions on the market, My TV Remote is a bargain at $19.95. But Ryz Media goes a step further by offering two infrared transmitters in the box. This way, any two people at home, in their office or dorm can use their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to be master of their TV universe.

Launching today through select United States resellers and online stores, My TV Remote lets you experience TV in a whole new way, by combining:

* Full Electronic Program Guide (EPG) in the palm of your hand. The EPG is customized to your cable TV or satellite provider, so you get all the broadcast and cable channels on your system.

* Full device control of your TV, set-top box, DVDs, receivers and other devices. Your favorite channels, programs and shows just one click away.

* Share your choices with your family and friends via Facebook Connect right with the app itself. My TV Remote makes any TV viewer an active viewer.

Behind My TV Remote is a cloud based service, which means each time you turn on the My TV Remote app you are getting the latest program guide information for your particular system. The service also makes available automatically device codes for new equipment you buy for your home theatre or TV viewing, wirelessly sent to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. And you don't have to aim your old remote device at the iPod or iPhone or iPad to have it learn the code.