CONWAY, Ark., /PRNewswire/ -- First Orion, makers of PrivacyStar, the popular privacy app for BlackBerry and Android smartphones, announces a new text blocking capability for Android users.

  PrivacyStar already provides comprehensive and unlimited call blocking. Subscribers can block individual numbers, entire area codes or enter a series of wildcard characters for a truly personalized service. Now subscribers can block unwanted text messages, including spam from telemarketers who use the Internet or VoIP to generate mobile spam.

"The ability to block SMS text messages and carrier billing are two of the top requests we receive from the PrivacyStar community," said Jeff Stalnaker, CEO of First Orion. "Therefore we are happy to introduce text message blocking for our Android users and very soon an easy way for AT&T and T-Mobile PrivacyStar subscribers to subscribe to our service. We will continue to listen to our subscribers about the features and functionality they want."

PrivacyStar's text blocking function is easy to use. From the settings menu, a user can select to block SMS text messages in addition to blocking phone calls from that number.

  PrivacyStar Features and Benefits

* Call Blocking – Block individual numbers, entire area codes, all private or unknown numbers and wildcard characters

* SMS Text Message Blocking – Block SMS text messages

* Caller ID – While the phone is ringing, PrivacyStar displays the name of the calling party

* Caller Lookup – Identify unknown callers by name and take appropriate action, such as adding to the contacts list or Privacy List

* SmartBlock – Employs crowdsourced data from PrivacyStar users to automatically block the most blocked numbers as determined by the entire user population

* Do Not Disturb – Forwards all non blocked incoming calls to voicemail and sends a custom text message acknowledging the call

* Report Potential Telemarketing and Debt Collection Violations – Upon the user's request, PrivacyStar captures detailed information about possible violations including date, time, number and identity. PrivacyStar allows users to easily provide this information to law enforcement authorities so they may take action

* Web Portal – Fully integrated personal web portal to manage the PrivacyStar account, block and unblock callers, and perform number look-ups. The portal also provides additional details on violations

* Future Proof – Easily transfer PrivacyStar user information from one device to another such as to a new smartphone.