Alvarion Ltd. announced its new BreezeMAX Micro and BreezeMAX Macro Outdoor two channel base stations at 4G World 2010. The expanded BreezeMAX portfolio provides more flexible options to address various deployment needs cost effectively.

The BreezeMAX Micro and Macro are all-outdoor, WiMAX™ 802.16e base stations granting operators maximum deployment flexibility and performance. The weatherized base stations offer high level of reliability and superior network performance based on operators’ current and foreseeable needs.

BreezeMAX Micro base station is an all-in-one radio and modem solution offering high performance, single-sector service delivery in the 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz licensed frequency bands. Key benefits of the BreezeMAX Micro include:

• Small form factor – allowing simplified installation and maintenance with flexible mounting options;

• Reduced site leasing – minimal space on poles, rooftops and towers for reduced leasing expenditures;

• Fully integrated solution – based on common Alvarion architecture, operators can integrate Micro base station with existing 4Motion® RAN solution. BreezeMAX Micro utilizes field-proven BreezeMAX Macro modules and ecosystem elements, such as ASN-GW, AAA, EMS and end-user devices.

The BreezeMAX Macro Outdoor two channel base station has been added to the company’s RAN portfolio to flexibly design the optimal network configuration for operators.

Key benefits of the BreezeMAX Macro include:

• Scalability – modular platform enabling a flexible scale from single sector to multi-sector, multi-carrier configuration;

• Reliability – built on BreezeMAX portfolio’s reliable modules and hardware equipment;

• Lower CAPEX/OPEX – with the newly introduced 2Tx/2Rx RRH, BreezeMAX Macro Outdoor two channel provides cost effective 2nd order diversity solution.

  The BreezeMAX Macro Outdoor 2CH and Micro Outdoor base stations have successfully completed beta testing with 4G Solutions in Austria in the 3.5 GHz frequency band.

“We are pleased with the results of our BreezeMAX Micro and Macro 2CH trial, proving its reliability and scalability,” said Peter Ziegelwanger, CEO of 4G Solutions. “Through its expertise in broadband wireless technologies, Alvarion is able to customize a solution based on our needs and demonstrate its ability to provide a better business case.”