CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Swedish FMV has placed an initial production order worth $20.7 million for FlexNet™-Four software defined radios to support the country’s Tactical Data Radio System (TDRS) program for advanced ground mobile communications.

“The FlexNet-Four radio provides the TDRS with the ability to handle larger networks while providing the Swedish Armed Forces with mobile wireless networking in a self-contained communications system,” said Bruce King, vice president and general manager of Surface Solutions for Rockwell Collins.

“The FlexNet-Four embraces the same objectives envisioned by the U.S. Joint Tactical Radio System program and supports real-time network centric operations and enhanced interoperability.”

King added that the software defined radios enable cost-effective capability growth through an open architecture that allows for future technology upgrades.

Rockwell Collins has proven its leadership in software defined radio vehicular communications systems by providing the future-proof FlexNet solution, the first Software Communications Architecture (SCA)-compliant radio tested in the field in Europe. The FlexNet platform has been selected by the European Secure Software defined Radio (ESSOR) program to support the new European Coalition Waveform.

Based on multi-band and multi-channel communication systems and designed with an open and secure architecture, the FlexNet radios are compliant with the SCA standard and will accommodate future technology insertions and capability upgrades. Rockwell Collins also offers a turnkey solution that takes advantage of FlexNet’s software defined design by allowing the end user to develop and download its own waveforms into the radio.

With high data rate and ad hoc networking capabilities, the FlexNet solution dramatically increases the amount of information which can be exchanged between users, introduces new possibilities for cooperative combat engagement and provides the enhanced mobility required by today’s armed forces.