MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Daintree Networks, Inc., a leading provider of innovative wireless control solutions for energy-smart buildings, today announced the commercial availability of ControlScope™, a wireless lighting control platform designed to enable lighting manufacturers and solution providers to bring more cost-effective, easy-to-implement lighting systems to market.

The company also announced that it has partnered with Easylite, a leader in lighting control solutions, to provide wireless control systems to its customers. Additionally, the companies have completed a joint installation at a customer’s warehouse facility in Colorado.

“Easylite is committed to delivering easy-to-implement and cost-effective lighting solutions to our customers, and we believe the ControlScope platform can help us honor that commitment,” said Dennis Robinson, COO at Easylite.

“Many of our customers are looking to decrease energy usage but do not have the resources or time to undertake a difficult retrofit process. Daintree helps eliminate the rewiring of facilities and shortens the commissioning process, resulting in a more cost-effective implementation, faster energy savings and more powerful control for our customers.”

Easylite has partnered with Daintree to provide a complete wireless lighting control system based on the ControlScope platform for its commercial retrofit customers. This Daintree-based solution enables advanced lighting control capabilities such as daylighting and task tuning for Easylite’s customers, while reducing the cost and complexity of wired control solutions.

The first installation has already been completed at a warehouse in Colorado. Part of a complete lighting retrofit aimed at large-scale energy reduction at the customer site, ControlScope alone is expected to reduce lighting consumption by nearly 50 percent from pre-retrofit levels.

Leveraging its seven plus years of wireless development expertise, Daintree Networks introduces a groundbreaking wireless lighting control platform that is easy to use, provides powerful system control and energy savings, and is economically attractive to the growing segment of commercial building retrofits.

Daintree’s new ControlScope platform is a software-based solution that provides the core wireless network communication and controls intelligence for large-scale, standards-based wireless lighting control.

Through ControlScope, all components of a lighting system, including fixtures, sensors, ballasts, LED drivers and wall switches, can communicate wirelessly with each other, reducing system cost and complexity while increasing control capabilities. The ControlScope Manager, Daintree’s Web-based application, allows facility managers to remotely set control strategies that are applied wirelessly to individual zones, or across the building or enterprise.

Key features of the Daintree Networks ControlScope platform include:

* Wireless networking: Reduces costs and complexity associated with system installation and future changes or updates.

* Interoperability: Lighting products work seamlessly together across mixed environments.

* Web-based Dashboard: Allows facility managers the ability to control and measure their lighting activity system-wide.

* Auto-Commissioning: Patent-pending process vastly reduces the time and expertise required to bring a lighting control system on-line.

* System-Wide Solutions: Remote, system-wide control in a single integrated solution offering scalable control, from granular, single room devices to the entire enterprise.

* Energy Management Data: Active monitoring and collection of energy usage data allows facility managers to make better informed decisions, delivers savings verification to ESCOs and provides key data for Demand Response programs.

* Zigbee® and Open Standards: Trusted open-standards mesh architecture ensures reliability, provides greater choice for suppliers and keeps costs low.

* Accelerated Environmental Impact: In addition to providing the fastest path to energy conservation, financial savings and LEED compliance, ControlScope eliminates the need for miles of expensive and unsustainable copper wiring.