OCEANSIDE, Calif., /PRNewswire/ -- will now offer their highly detailed keyword competition report to the public. Previously only available to StartRankingNow monthly SEO clients, the keyword competition report provides information which business owners can use to plan tactical search engine dominance strategies.

The information-dense keyword competition report shows exactly where a website is weak and how it needs to be improved to dominate the search engines for a specific keyword.

"This report is specifically designed to give business owners the critical keyword information they need to build a successful online marketing campaign," said Nicole Munoz, founder of

Key components in the keyword competition report include:

* Complete top-to-bottom analysis of your website

* Detailed comparison of your website against your competition for key ranking factors including number of backlinks, Google page rank, number of links from different IPS, 'allinanchor' ranking, and more

  * A report detailing exactly which types of links to build in order to achieve a #1 search engine ranking.

"By comparing your site to the competition using this data, you can see at a glance where your site needs to be improved so that you can quickly assess exactly how many links are necessary to achieve your ranking goals and to generate a true cost analysis of what it will take to achieve top rankings," said Munoz.

More information about the keyword competition report and information on how to order is available online at: