Dialogic Corporation and Continuous Computing have successfully tested a 2,000-port audio conference with each port in full duplex mode using a software-based media server running in the industry-standard carrier-class ATCA form factor.

This density level was formerly considered achievable only on specialized proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) media server hardware, thus limiting the solution flexibility and choice of suppliers for network equipment providers (NEPs) and service providers. This solution enables operators to deploy cost effective reservation-less or large event audio conferencing services either standalone or integrated with collaboration services.

This achievement enables the delivery of powerful, cost-effective and future-protected Value-Added Services (VAS), Service Delivery Platforms (SDP), and IP Multimedia (IMS) solutions, scaling from 10 ports per server to potentially 24,000 ports in a 13U ATCA chassis.

Operators will be have the capability to increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and retain customers by quickly adding capacity and new services to existing VAS, SDP and IMS solutions with low incremental costs. This can also allow NEPs to save costs by delivering carrier-class bladed solutions in an industry-standard ATCA form factor, taking advantage of a large, expanding, interoperable ATCA ecosystem. By using Continuous Computing’s off-the-shelf and performance-optimized ATCA products for their applications, NEPs can reduce time to market, generate earlier revenue and save cost.

Dialogic® PowerMedia™ IP Media Server, a powerful and flexible server-based software product that supports open protocols and application programming interfaces (APIs), offers highly competitive cost for performance on Linux server or blade configurations. PowerMedia IPMS delivers other advanced media processing capabilities such as image overlays and video conferencing with transcoding that improve user experience for real-time audio and video communications.

Continuous Computing’s FlexCompute ATCA-XE80 12-core compute blade raises traditional performance boundaries by supporting two of the fastest Intel ‘Westmere’ processors in ATCA (E5645), running up to 20% faster than other ATCA blades and offering one of the highest performance per watt ratios in the industry. Each XE80 supports over one terabyte of storage and 8 DIMM sockets for up to 64GB memory, offering a powerful multipurpose central processing unit (CPU) blade to address a wide variety of applications and markets.

“This milestone demonstrates that service providers can deliver high-density, carrier-class conferencing solutions built on standard-based products from Dialogic and Continuous Computing,” said Manish Singh, vice president of product line management, Continuous Computing. “By using the XE80 - an ATCA CPU blade on steroids - customers can take advantage of the unparalleled flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and choice of our performance-optimized ATCA hardware for software-based media server technology.”