KIRKLAND, Wash., /PRNewswire/ -- Bocada Inc. has announced that it is offering a free "health check" assessment that provides a comprehensive review of a company's overall data protection environment to help reveal the true health of the backup environment.

As an essential first step in the DPSM model, the health check can help a company gain immediate visibility into their backup environment and answer the following questions:

* Is the backup environment operating at 100 percent efficiency?

* Where are the problem areas?

* How much capacity is the organization using?

  By offering a free, objective assessment of a company's current data protection activities and outcomes, Bocada partners will be able to effectively evaluate what improvements can be made to the data protection environment, how problems can be alleviated and what best course of remedy can be taken to enable operational efficiencies over time.

"The initial health check phase helps reveal the true effectiveness of an organization's data protection environment and identifies opportunities for improvement," said Nancy Hurley, CEO of Bocada.

"Companies will be surprised by the many areas for improvement the free health check will reveal, including freeing IT staff's time to apply their energy to higher-value tasks and services. On its own, the free health check is a valuable service, but for those who implement these assessments regularly as part of an overall DPSM strategy, they should expect to reap benefits far beyond identification of common errors."

To register for a free Health Check with Bocada Prism go to and click on Register Now.