WASHINGTON -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- SYBASE TECHWAVE 2010 — Sybase, Inc., an SAP company, today announced transformative new features for the latest version of Sybase® Replication Server®, Sybase’s database replication product supporting change data capture, data distribution and synchronization of data across heterogeneous database environments for real-time analytics, reporting, distributed operations and disaster recovery.

Sybase Replication Server innovation dramatically reduces latency with moving data between enterprise information stores, addressing challenges with the ever accelerating pace of business.

Sybase is the only company to provide patent-pending High Volume Adaptive Replication (HVAR) technology, which utilizes a groundbreaking optimization technique to intelligently analyze rapidly changing data and deliver only final outcomes. The result is dramatically higher performance compared to existing replication methods.

Combined with parallel Data Server Interfaces, enterprises can reduce the time to replicate extremely high volumes of data from hours down to minutes or seconds. Sybase Replication Server also introduces the Real-Time Loading Edition for rapid loading of transactional data from Sybase Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE) into the Sybase IQ analytics server. Enterprises operating in markets where seconds and minutes make the difference between profit and loss now have near-instantaneous access to operational data from their Business Intelligence tools, enabling real-time decision making.

“NTT DATA Group provides a broad range of IT services to customers worldwide. Because of our extensive number of customers running a very high volume of OLTP transactions through the network, we were experiencing up to three hour latency in replicating from Sybase ASE to Sybase IQ,” said Masatoshi Yokogawa, Senior Expert, Research and Development, NTT DATA CORPORATION. “When we incorporated Sybase Replication Server Real-Time Loading Edition, the time it took to replicate these transactions was reduced dramatically, from three hours to less than five minutes, giving our customers critical real-time data warehouse capability.”

This latest release includes the following capabilities:

•Real Time Loading for Sybase IQ – empowering organizations to deliver real-time analytics from ASE to Sybase IQ and through continuous change data capture (CDC) technology.

•Advanced Performance Services – providing high-volume transaction replication using HVAR technology, significantly reducing transaction latency.

•New Heterogeneous Capabilities – improving performance in heterogeneous database environments operating Sybase ASE, Oracle®, IBM® DB2® and Microsoft® SQL Server database servers, with parallel Data Server Interface (DSI). Enterprises can also now maintain warm standby applications for Oracle databases.

•In-Memory Database Replication – enabling ASE on-disk databases to be replicated to ASE in-memory databases.