ATLANTA --(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Philips Speech Processing recently announced the release of the third-generation of its SpeechMike audio recording devices. The latest version of the wired dictation device series incorporates essential new functions and design elements that were previously limited to the wireless SpeechMike Air.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve all of our products based on our customers’ needs and feedback,” says Wolfgang Spannlang, product manager at Philips Speech Processing. “By updating the design and functions of the SpeechMike product line, we know that users will be able to dictate with greater ease – essential to dictating in a professional environment.”

The redesigned model includes updates designed to enhance the user’s experience. The device will now have an antimicrobial surface which offers important medical advances in hygiene. This new housing impedes the reproduction of microorganisms, which is important for use in a clinical environment and will also benefit individuals with allergies.

One technology update is the noise-reduction technology that almost completely eliminates noise interference resulting in a distinct improvement in the accuracy of voice recognition systems.

The updated line features ergonomically-designed elements created to help the user more easily dictate in their environment. These updates include:

•An increased size of dictation function buttons, which creates a more ergonomic form and facilitates fast and convenient thumb control

•A newly positioned trackball with a laser sensor, which allows precise cursor movements and contains an integrated confirmation button for simple control of PC functions and can be used to control volume

•An integrated LED indicator, which shows users the current recording status in different colors so users can avoid errors in post-correction of a voice recording.

The third-generation SpeechMike series also raises the bar in cross-system collaboration by fully integrating with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the voice recognition solution from Nuance. It is also compatible with all of Philips’ speech management solutions such as the dictation management software, SpeechExecSR Pro Dictate, which allows the integration of dictation, transcription and voice recognition in a single application; and with Philips Remote Device Manager, which can be used for central configuration of the SpeechMike settings.

The current software development kit, SpeechMike SDK 2.7, enables developers to integrate the SpeechMike in further software environments, including medical or legal information systems.