Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a 0402*-size monolithic ceramic capacitor with a capacitance of 10µF and voltage rating of 6.3V, the smallest of its kind in the world. This product may be used on higher voltage lines than our previously released 4V-rated capacitor, offering increased versatility, requiring less mounting space, and helping to pave the way for smaller and thinner equipment. (*Written by inch size. By meter size, it is 1005 size.)

The increasingly advanced functionality of mobile phones and other mobile equipment has led to the need for larger numbers of components, which, along with the limited available board space has created a growing need for smaller monolithic ceramic capacitors with higher capacitance. Murata has already released a 4V-rated product, but for higher voltage lines, we have utilized our materials technology to introduce this new 6.3V-rated capacitor.

Product features include:

•Requires 60% less space for mounting versus our previously released 0603-size 10?F 6.3V capacitor, with a 75% reduction in volume.

•Offers twice the capacitance (nominal capacitance value) of our previously released 0402-size 4.7?F 6.3V capacitor.

•Has a higher voltage rating than our previously released 0402-size 10µF 4V capacitor, enabling use for a wider range of circuit voltages.

Suggested applications include: Mobile phones, small mobile equipment, etc. The devices are ideal for use as a power line secondary-side decoupling capacitor for mobile phones.