HIGHLAND PARK, Ill., /PRNewswire/ -- While smart phone adoption is growing at breakneck speeds, and with mobile apps predicted to generate over $30 billion by the end of 2013 according to Gartner, most businesses today are still ill equipped to effectively measure their mobile efforts, which includes the interaction, use, and enjoyment of mobile websites and mobile applications.

A new report from Eric Peterson, Founder and Senior Partner at Web Analytics Demystified, and sponsored by OpinionLab, the pioneer and leader in voice-of-customer (VOC) listening technologies, describes the mobile-measurement conundrum and defines the framework necessary to better leverage qualitative feedback data into improved measurement of mobile initiatives.

The whitepaper, titled “The Mobile Measurement Framework: Making Sense of Your Mobile Efforts in the Context of Your Business,” explains that for businesses, mobile measurement is a tough task due to the multitude of platforms, devices, and underlying privacy concerns. However, focusing on qualitative data and direct consumer and user response delivers significant value to companies willing to listen. The result is a rich set of key performance indicators focused on user experience, interaction, engagement, and costs that can be applied to mobile sites, mobile applications, and traditional web sites easily, effectively, and inexpensively.

"The overall quality of the user experience is the first essential metric in the new mobile-measurement framework--and it's crucial to use a tool that provides the audience with a direct mechanism for expressing their joy as well as frustration," said Peterson.

"Using an opt-in, open-text system like OpinionLab enables businesses to get into their users' heads and gather great and useful insights while also preventing potential PR and product-support challenges."

The report establishes a new set of metrics more appropriate to the current multi-channel marketplace: a core set of three "essential" measures that businesses can apply equally to mobile websites, mobile apps, traditional websites--in fact, to the entire digital landscape.

"It's common knowledge that invested customers would rather share their opinions and frustrations directly with the brand," said Rand Nickerson, CEO of OpinionLab. "In order to capture your customers' feedback, it's vital that you listen across all touch points, from mobile, to digital, to brick and mortar. By doing so, you're inviting your customers to help build the brand, and they will see that as a gesture of goodwill."

The paper recommends that businesses put these new measures into the context of costs and revenues, outlines how to do so, and describes a series of examples from major organizations. All company executives will understand the value of decreasing costs per interaction and increasing revenue per engaged user.

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