SUNNYVALE, Calif., /PRNewswire/ --Cirago International today announced the launch and immediate availability of its new HydraDisplay X3 DisplayPort Multi-Monitor Adapters that enable both PC and Mac users to add up to three monitors on a single graphics card through one built-in DisplayPort output.

Two models of the HydraDisplay Adapter offer plug-and-play ease with no driver installation required.

The HDX3DV01 expands a single DisplayPort into 3 DVI-D ports on a single graphics card or notebook to expand the screen space and enable users to get longer life out of legacy DVI monitors.

The HDXDP01 lets users connect a single DisplayPort output to three DisplayPort monitors for maximum performance on the existing DisplayPort graphics card.

The HydraDisplay Adapters are the only adapters on the market that are both Windows/PC and Apple/Macintosh compatible, allowing a single adapter to easily be moved from one hardware platform to the other with simple plug-and-play convenience. With no driver installation required, expanding screen real estate is now fast, easy and affordable. Both models feature HDCP 1.3-compliance for data security and copy protection and offer zero latency and full video performance.

"Our new HydraDisplay Adapters are perfectly suited to help both the home and office computer user expand screen space and get more out of their existing hardware," said Patrick Lo, President of Cirago International.

"Some major PC and monitor manufacturers have plans to phase out DVI technology. But, with HydraDisplay, users can keep their DVI monitors in use, even after a computer upgrade, to save money and help reduce technology waste in the environment."

Cirago's HydraDisplay Adapters support both desktop cloning (displaying the same content on multiple monitors) and extended desktop mode-a feature highly desired by gamers, graphic designers, stockbrokers and market traders who need extra space to display multiple windows and large spreadsheets.

Small business owners can also benefit from the ability to display more information on fewer machines to streamline and simplify workflow. Instead of using expensive digital signage equipment, a low-cost PC can now be used with monitors to achieve the same results.